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How Bazz and The ShireTones achieve the sound

There are many steps involved in creating the unique sound of Bazz and the ShireTones.

Firstly the songs have to be written, this can take minutes or months and is done by Bazz prior to going into Nicolsound Studios in Ayrshire Scotland.

Once the songs have been written they are then rehearsed to find out how they may sound and find any new ideas for the songs from other performers.

After the foundations of the songs have been set the collective begin the recording process in Nicolsound under the watchful eye and educated ear of Jean Nicolson.

Once the recording process  has been completed and Bazz and the collective are satisfied with the results, the final stage begins. The recordings are handed over to Scoots (David Mackie Scouller). He is the magician who masters the recordings.

Mastering is a complex business and any explaination here would not due it justice.

Safe to say Scoots just throws magic dust on the recordings and this makes them ready for the radio.

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