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A time before COVID 19

14th of March 2020, in a basement in Glasgow, Scotland. We waited for our representative from PM Music. The venue, Avant Garde, a well established music venue near an area called the Trongate. Finally Jim arrived to give us the rundown on the gig. We would be supporting the acclaimed 9 piece band "Lights Out by Nine". I think I can speak for all of us when I say we were excited about the prospect. But there was a challenge, the equipment that was available at the venue didn't suit a nine piece band and Lights Out by Nine made a decision not to perform that night. So Jim suggested to me that the event be cancelled. I said no, people are coming to watch us play. So, we got to work, Jean worked with Darren, from the venue, to establish a vocal PA. Paul, Stuart and myself set up a back line. We sound checked and were ready to go. What a gig, the crowd were awesome and we responded by playing way past our scheduled time. Thank you everyone for making our last gig before a UK Covid 19 virus lock down so memorable.

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