Healing Water

We all need a bit of peace and quite in our lives, a time to reflect on where we've been, where we are now and where we're going. I find the sound of water very soothing which is why you see me posting a lot of pictures taken at the beach, water has a very healing effect on me, whether it is crashing waves or ripples lapping the shores, a bit of meditation or just some deep breathing is something I would recommend to everyone to calm the mind and the soul. Let the music of the water soothe and heal you.

Opportunity Abounds

Good evening folks, as you probably know the second album is underway now and I was just wondering if there was any budding photographers/artists among you. It would be awesome if we could have some original submissions for a new album cover, it is sometime down the ways a bit before being completed so you have plenty of time to get some ideas together. Just send us a PM on the ShireTones facebook page, all suggestions welcome :-)

Bazz and the Shiretones

Ayrshire, Scotland

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