Eeriness Reigns

Oooooh, what is happening in the Shire tonight, as darkness closes in the fog thickens, I would have gone out and taken a photo to show you but I'm scared of the hands in the fog reaching out and stealing me away, lol, as my mother would say "The nights are fair drawing in" and for me that means time to stay indoors and create my music, off to rehearsals now, have a good night guys and gals whatever you are up to, just don't venture into the fog.

The Collective Brain

Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for help in engaging some collective brain power. At the end of each blog is a comments box, it would be great to hear some feedback from anyone interested in great music, give us your ideas of things you would like to read about in my blogs, your opinions on what makes a website work, what you think of The ShireTones, all comments will be gratefully received and answered, be creative and thank you for taking part.

Gig Suggestions

What's up folks? It's getting to that time when I need to start filling the 2018 diary with some gigs. How's about a bit of helpful information, does anyone have any suggestions of country/folk venues or festivals that they could recommend, someone always manages to come up with a wee hidden gem they've been to. You can contact us in the usual way on Twitter or Facebook, keep the music live :-)

American Blues

Well, it has been 4 months since our trip to the states and I must admit to feeling a wee bitty blue, what a trip we had, the people we met were an absolute delight, nothing was too much trouble and we were made to feel very welcome. Thank you so much to family and friends that helped make the trip an awesome experience, looking forward to the next visit, seeya all soon :-)

Bazz and the Shiretones

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