Caption Competition

Hi folks, time for another competition, and a chance to win a wee prize. Take a look at the picture of Bazz and a couple of the collective and give us your best caption, keep it clean please, haha. You can post your answers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

And the Winner is .........

Thanks everyone for voting on which shirt you wanted Bazz to wear for the Sherbrooke Castle gig, we collated all the votes from our Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and picked our winner - our very first Limited Edition CD goes to the very lovely Dion Leslie, congratulations Dion, keep a hold of it, it'll be worth thousands in the future :-)

What to wear to the Castle

Hey guys and gals, The moment that has had you all on the edge of your seats with anticipation has finally arrived, lol, time to choose my shirt for the performance at Sherbrooke Castle. Below are three options, I'd appreciate your opinions if you would be so kind, so just post a comment on The ShireTones Facebook page or on our Twitter account and let me know your preference, and one lucky fashionista will be picked at random to receive a signed copy of my album "Truly Grateful". This is option 1 This is option 2 This is option 3

King of the Castle

Hey guys and gals, been a wee while since I did a blog, been a busy bee recently working on the new album, lots of rehearsals and studio time, practice, practice, practice. Got a private gig coming up soon at the beautiful Sherbrooke Castle, really looking forward to it, watch this space in the next few days, gonna be asking for your help with a little dilemma, what does one wear to the Castle? You can help me choose. Keep your eyes peeled.

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