Landing at Dallas airport, met by a curious sight that filled us with confidence........not! LOL

Rainy Day in Boston

Boston is a great town filled with strong character and humour. Lots of talented people in the Lizard Lounge. Thank you to Boston for a warm and friendly reception.

Touring the US in 2017

Well, that's us back home from a whirlwind tour in the US, stopped at New York, Reno, Connecticut and Boston, what a blast playing some open mic nights to get a feel for the audience over there, pleased to say we went down a storm, our passion for the music must have shone through and lit up the American skylines. We are very grateful for all the amazing comments and appreciation we received, got a buzz on for a full blown tour now, can't wait to get back to say a big howdy y'all. Keep tuning in to the blog to find out what's happening with ShireTones. But for now it's back to rehearsing for the new album. Peace and love.

Looking to America

Bazz is looking to the American people to also embrace his passion for real country folk music."My dream is to be part of the great tradition born of survival and ingenuity"

Bazz and the Shiretones

Ayrshire, Scotland

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